A Home You’ll Love, Rent You Can Afford

Safe, comfortable, affordable rental properties that allow you to focus on living and building a better future, without the stress of overpriced rent.

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Hope Homes is currently seeking long-term tenants looking for affordable renting. See our upcoming properties and fill out an application to pre-qualify today.

Our Mission

Hope Homes was born out of a desire to provide better service to every member of our community. We believe, with a little faith, compassion, and goodwill, people are capable of incredible things. Our big-picture vision is to see a thriving community where people enjoy affordable housing so they can focus on what’s really important in their lives.

  • We provide safe and comfortable housing, charging what is affordable for our renters.
  • We work with long-term tenants to build their credit, develop an effective budget, and work towards their financial goals.

Our Core Values

At Hope Homes, we understand that life’s challenges affect us in different ways, and we want to do our part to serve our greater community.
  • People-first — our mission is to put the needs of our staff and clients first, and make decisions in their best interests, not our bottom line.
  • Faith-inspired — we use our resources mindfully to do the most good, regardless of your background, beliefs, credit history, or financial status.
  • Community-focused — our goal is to stabilize the community through thoughtful investment and honest communication.

Questions? Send Us A Message!

Whether you're interested in rental opportunities, property viewings, or starting the rental application process, our team is available to answer any questions you have.
Serving our community with respect, compassion, and honest communication. We provide renters with comfortable housing at an affordable price.

Hope Homes is also doing business as Abundant Life Homes.

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